Waking up in 7/8

January 20, 2010

This morning I woke up in 7/8. [For non-musicians repeat over and over: 1212123 and accent the ones a little bit and you’ll get the feel.] It was the Bulgarian Radio State Vocal Choir (from “Le mystere des voix bulgares”) on the Johnny Carson Show. Take a listen and focus on two things: the time signature — sing along “1212123” and then listen to how much 2nds are a part of their music. The duet after the first big section is one clear spot filled with 2nds. I find it fascinating how little they move considering the microtimers going off in their brains. They sway a bit, look very happy and have beautiful beaming faces. I listen to this and I can’t sit still.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/mrcgDhpS3uo” width=”500″ height=”375″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]



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