The new couch

January 31, 2010

dacouchOver the past 10 years we inherited four couches–all off white. The oldest used to belong to Michael Crichton (he wrote The Andromeda Strain on it), who gave it to Martin Nathan, who then gave it to my former partner and me. Bruce bought a Lady Kenmore sewing machine and reupholstered it. 20 years later it is now filled with old cotton and dust mite carcasses and needs a major reupholstering. The 2nd white couch was sold to us by Royana and Hal who didn’t have room for it in their new apartment. Then Bridget moved to Maine and gave us HER old white couch that wasn’t really very comfortable, but useful. Finally Ronnie gave us her little couch with the weird stains on it and rotting plastic zippers.

We have never bought our own couch, so we decided last week it was time to do so. We bought a corner couch that is amazingly comfortable. We finally have a place where people can comfortably congregate: even invade each other’s personal space by sitting so closely. I like.

The couch passed several tests this weekend: red wine was spilled on it two nights in a row (the material is wine proof). Last night, several of our friends had been out Karaoke-ing until 3:30 in the morning and, rather than driving home drunk, they crashed at our house. I woke up at 6 am to find three people sound asleep on the couch. All praised it for its great comfort. It will be great for writing melodies in my sketchbook.

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