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February 8, 2010

Scott Spiegelberg used to make lists of the Top Classical Music Blogs, but when came along, he left it to them. If you care about such lists, bookmark it; the list is updated daily. They keep track of RSS membership feeds, unique monthly visitors, Yahoo and Google indexing, Google PR, and Alexa and Compete ranks. (If that is confusing, read here.) The number to the right of the blog name is invesp’s score.

Top 25 Classical Blogs (
1st Sequenza21/ 100
2nd Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise 99.72
3rd parterre box presents La Cieca 99.29
4th NewMusicBox 97.83
5th Opera Chic 97.66
6th On An Overgrown Path 97.48
7th Jessica Duchens classical music blog 96.21
8th Jason Heaths Double Bass Blog 95.91
9th Dial “M” for Musicology 95.73
10th aworks :: “new” american classical music 95.69
11th Mind the Gap 95.63
12th slipped disc 95.62
13th Opera Today 95.57
14th Ionarts 95.41
15th The Collaborative Piano Blog 94.62
16th Daily Observations 94.6
17th 94
18th Classical WETA 90.9 93.82
19th Adaptistration 93.76
20th The Omniscient Mussel 93.76
22nd Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment Blog 93.62
23rd Createquity 93.61
24th oboeinsight 93.58
25th BIS New Releases 93.5

The next ranking comes from PostRank Analytics. The number to the right of the blog name is the number of “engagement points” they have given. According to their website: “Engagement refers to the attention other people pay to your published content, like blog posts, news & articles.”

Top 32 Classical Music Blogs (PostRank Analytics)
1 parterre box presents La Cieca 284,043
2 Iron Tongue of Midnight 7,835
3 ANABlog 5,792
4 Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog 4,980
5 PostClassic 4,926
6 ionarts 4,673
7 Sequenza21/ 3,875
8 Adaptistration 3,849
9 Jessica Duchen’s classical music blog3,706
10 The Omniscient Mussel on Classical Music &… 3,137
11 Kenneth Woods- a view from the podium 3,067
12 Soho the Dog 2,839
13 Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise 2,588
14 Dial “M” for Musicology 2,584
15 Musical Assumptions 2,466
16 Music Genre: Classical 2,299
17 The Rambler 1,313
18 CSO Bass Blog 940
19 889
20 855

Other lists

Top 10 Classical Music Blogs (Oak Web Works)
The Standing Room
The Omniscient Mussel
Thirteen Ways – Adventures (In New Music) With eighth blackbird
Parterre Box
Classical Convert
Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
Think Denk

Top 100 Top Musicology Blogs (

Alex Ross Blogging Composers
These statistics were provided through the links above and are quotes from Feb.8, 2010. These rankings change daily.

And finally a really smart list (sans moi) Wikio

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