February 13, 2010

This long weekend, Daniel invited four friends he knows from up north to stay with us. We are all spending time getting to know each other and having a relaxing weekend. I had heard that these people were experts in RockBand, especially the Beatles. Instead of playing RockBand, we sat around in the living room, singing with me playing piano. [It was almost a Judy in Carnegie Hall night: “I’ll sing all night!] Amy’ husband, Bill, was the most knowledgeable of them all in terms of knowing the Beatles songs. He seems to know all the tunes, a lot of the harmonies, and I hear he’s an amazing RockBand drummer. So the two of us were John and Paul last night. Probably more singing tonight.

I bring all this up, not so much of a “dear diary” thing, but because at the end of the evening, Bill had this huge smile. I asked him what for and he explained that he was overjoyed with the experience of reading from sheet music instead of following the words and playing instructions that go flying by on the monitor with RockBand. (We have paperback books of lead sheets of Beatles songs that we pass out on Beatles Nights.) The notion of someone celebrating the technology of music notation was a real surprise for both of us, and an unexpectedly happy one at that.

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