Wild week

March 4, 2010

It’s been a wild and woolly time for all us teachers: auditions, interviews, quotas, deciding who to take, and wanting to admit more than we have space for. On Saturday, I went out to a new restaurant and had a lovely salad. Three hours later I was in misery from intestinal cramps and, well, food poisoning. In bed for 48 hours, the clouds finally parted on Monday afternoon.

Still fragile, but much better, I gave a 2 hour presentation on my life as a composer to my class. It was a cathartic experience looking back on a pretty wonderful life. The students seemed to enjoy my talk and my music.

That night I attended a pre-concert concert for donors and citizens of West Hollywood given by Vox Femina, who, with funding from the city, had commissioned me to compose HEALY MADRIGALS for their March 20 concert downtown. I got to meet lots of donors, and was happy to meet Abbe Land, the mayor of West Hollywood–a vivacious and gregarious woman who has a big heart and a personality to match.

The venue did not have reverberant acoustics and I realized some of the phrasing was suffering as I had expected there to be a certain amount of reverb in the hall. I also realized how composers’ music changes when we set different poets. Setting Eloise Klein Healy’s poetry really brought out some different music in me. I listened to some of it thinking: did I compose that??

Yesterday I met with my guardian angel, RC, who has been on my case about being so terrible about promoting my music. We sat and listened to about 6 pieces. RC loved them all and will be working with me to get performances. What a gift!

Another week and a half of school, then we get a break. I can’t seem to ever catch up on my email. I’m sure I’m not alone. Daniel came back from the Philippines yesterday, so it is wonderful to have my spouse home again.

Off to school!

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