Bourland chamber music: Recent Dreams (1989)

March 5, 2010

Recent Dreams for horn trio (1989)
Music: Roger Bourland
Performers: Richard Todd, horn, Debra Price, violin, Delores Stevens, piano
Publisher: Yelton Rhodes Music

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Commissioned by Pacific Serenades, “Recent Dreams” was written during a period when I was having a lot of vivid dreams. Each morning, after waking up, I made musical sketches that somehow encapsulated those dreams. As dreams can be rather flee flowing and puzzling, so is this piece. Having known Rick Todd to be one of the greatest horn players in the world, I felt free to write almost anything for him. Hearing the piece after 20 years have gone by, I like the piece quite a lot. It could possibly use a little tweaking here and there, but all in all, a good piece.

A hornist discovered that I had written this piece and asked to see it. It’s copied in a piece of dead software, so all that exists now is a photocopy of that score and will need to be recopied someday [the plight of many composers]. I realized that I had not digitized the piece as well, so I’ve now taken care of that.

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