Bourland orchestral music: Clarinet Rhapsody (1979)

March 7, 2010

Clarinet Rhapsody for clarinet and orchestra (1979)
Music: Roger Bourland
Performers: Gunther Schuller conducts Collage (Sanders Theater)
Publisher: Associated Music Publishers
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This piece was commissioned by my old classmate, John Strickler, who at this time was a doctoral student in conducting at USC and wanted a contemporary work for his final recital. It was this connection that later took me to Los Angeles, as I was to rent a room from him when I first moved to LA.

Looking back at this piece almost thirty years later, I hear much. I hear quotes from some of my Soliloquies, especially the flute one and the clarinet one. At one time I had planned my own cosmic “Universe” symphony, and some of the music written for that surfaces here.

In my last year as an undergraduate in music theory at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, we spent an entire year applying different analytic techniques to the Berg Violin Concerto. In retrospect, I hear some of that music peaking through. I also hear myself slowly moving away from atonality, and towards a melodic-based music.

Gunther Schuller published this piece in his Margun Music press, and later assigned it to AMP.

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