Reliving Cocoon

March 26, 2010

Daniel and I have spent the past two days visiting my parents in Phoenix. They live in a terrific retirement community (The Colonnade) where all their needs and interests are taken care of, from health to hobbies.

This morning we participated in an “aquacize” class, where we all get in the water and, for an hour, go through a very thorough work out. It was terrific! I wish I had one of these in my neighborhood in LA. We all had an excellent workout, one that would tax most non-seniors. Besides the benefits of a body workout, there was a lot of laughing and socializing.

As I approach being a senior (I already am one in the eyes of Dennys), the choice of living alone and isolated as opposed to living in a community that cares about every aspect of YOU, is clear. Stay alive, be healthy, hang out with others, and enjoy your life–right to the end.

[Image from “Cocoon.” If you haven’t seen the movie “Cocoon” it involves, in part, a pool and some seniors and an extra-terrestrial subplot. There was no ET element today–just a lot of good earthy fun.]

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