March 27, 2010

I was surfing channels on TV the other day. I stopped on the Animal Planet:

“…and left in their cages for years at a time, treated more like a plant than the beautiful parrot that they are, the bird slowly goes INSANE.”

This image has haunted me lately, not just because I have two parrots, each in their own cage who remind me regularly that they MUST come out and play or they’ll get cranky [or worse: INSANE].

I’m afraid I have friends who have become cagebound. Their only social outlet appears to be Facebook. Maybe that old scifi movie–where people had devolved into brains in amniotic fluid attached to supercomputers–will be our future. Who will need these old bodies anyway? No more brushing teeth, combing hair, taking baths, touching someone, seeing someone, loving someone, annoying someone. No need for sports, dating, church, school. Skip all that and just use Facebook.

And in the future, we can just use Facebook VII to communicate everything: when to go to bathroom, tell your friends every point you make in every game, your joys, your neuroses, your messages, your life.

Oh, pardon me, gotta go, someone just posted something on Facebook, I HAVE to read it.

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