Being music deficient

March 28, 2010

At my last checkup, my doctor told me that I was deficient in vitamin D. He found it odd and perhaps suspicious that 75% of his patients were also D deficient–odd because we all live in southern California (the sun is a large source for vitamin D; sunscreen and clothes and staying inside block the absorption–go figure). So, he suggested I take a D supplement. The first time I did, it was like taking pain medication after being in terrible pain–well, maybe not quite that dramatic, but I could tell this vitamin really made me feel better. I WAS vitamin D deficient. I didn’t realize it until I got some.

This morning I awoke wondering “What’s missing?” After a hot bath I figured it out: music. Listening to music. Not just going to concerts, but actively listening to music at home while doing something.

As we age, people seem to listen to less music. I may be wrong, but it seems that way with people I know. And you know? I think music is essential for our emotional well-being just as vitamin D is. So as I got out of the tub, I decided to rip 20 CDs to have on my computer for easy access: Pop, film, classical, folk, jazz, and some jazz and pop divas. As I listened to this music, I felt a wide range of biochemical hot flashes, an endorphin rush, and good old goose bumps popping all over the place. THAT’s what was missing: listening to music.

I feel MUCH better.

(Have YOU been listening to enough music?)

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