Cell phone withdrawal

March 31, 2010

nocellI sent my phone off to get a minor repair done and am without my cell for three days. [Like Gilligan’s Island: A three hour tour!] Holy moly. I didn’t realize how addicted to that device I have become.

Impulse: Hmm, I need to call Mitchell about Saturday. Ugh. No luck, have to find a land line. Is there a phone booth around here??

Impulse: “Hey Roger, what is Elaine’s phone number.” “It’s, uh, hold on, I’ll get it. Rats. It’s all in my cell phone.”

Impulse: Text Larry and ask whether he has heard any good news. oops, I can’t. I’ll call instead. Uh, no I won’t: I have no idea what his telephone number is.

Impulse: “When are you guys going to San Diego?” “It’s the week of the uh, let me look it up. Crap. My calendar is in my cell phone. I’ll have to get back to you.”

Impulse: What’s the room number I need to go to for my 2 o’clock meeting? I’ll have to call Alix, er, no I won’t.

Impulse: Standing in line at the post office. “Oh my god. I have nothing to escape to. I actually have to LOOK at all these people standing there.

Impulse: Roger, embrace your inner Buddha. Embrace the principle of non-attachment. Like James said yesterday: Breathe in::Hold::Slowly let it out.

Chill dude.

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