Looking down

March 31, 2010

I learned how to walk on railroad tracks in college–not in class, but by walking from my apartment to the campus and back. The secret, when trying to keep your balance walking down a rail, is to NOT look down. Don’t watch each step, or you’ll lose your balance.


When I find out who reads my blog, especially colleagues who write for a living, I try to not get self-conscious. I have screwed-up sentence structure, dangling participles, and all kindsa grammatical errors, but I don’t worry about it. I don’t write for a living, it’s only an avocation. I try to just look ahead and not look down, or else I’ll stumble and fall and lose my momentum.

I encouraged one of my colleagues in musicology to start a blog. His response: “I’d spend weeks editing just one short post.” I don’t edit my work more than a quick look-over after I finish writing (but then you knew that). I share my thoughts, however they come out, and if they resonate with readers, terrific. Otherwise, I find blogging a satisfying past-time for a teacher/preacher that sometimes can’t stop.

[Photo: © Ashley Graf]

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