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April 4, 2010

Two iPads arrived yesterday and Daniel and I have been obsessed. (I’m making this post on it right now.) The online keyboard is better than than the iPhone; I’m getting used to it. I imagine myself using this more than a handheld phone/computer or laptop for that matter especially for casual reading and email.

Mail is lovely. Safari is too. Address book has a great feel to it. AIM incorporates many IM protocols — .me, Facebook, Twitter…

But my favorite is photos. Browsing all my old pics is a real joy.

If were making a decision between a Kindle and an iPad, and I was in the market for an ebook reader, I think the Kindle would be less straining on the eyes. The iPad has more bells and whistles and is a 1.0 model, and we knew that going into it.

As a replacement for a laptop, the lack of multiple-tasking is its weakest feature. I’m sure it will be incorporated before too long in a software upgrade.

All in all, I love it!

(We got the wifi version as we will use it mostly at home, and when out and about, we can use our Palm Pre as a wifi hotspot for free anywhere Verizon goes.)

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