I have time

April 25, 2010

smshclkThis week, friend, colleague, and expert in the Alexander Technique, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, visited our class to give an overview of that discipline. In the course of his overview he talked about musicians needing to come to grips with the fact that their art unfolds over time, and that we must give ourselves permission to enjoy and not rush that time.

He said to the class: “I want everyone to say ‘I HAVE TIME.'” The class obeyed.

“Again! I HAVE TIME.”

I found the notion cathartic. So often I am stressed about going to the bank or the post office or the dry cleaners and worrying about the time it takes. Or even going to concerts, thinking I’d rather be elsewhere.


I need to say to myself I HAVE TIME. And ultimately, I need to say that about everything in my life. Take the time to enjoy life. Give yourself permission to take the time, because most of the time, we really DO have the time.

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