Bad news can…

April 27, 2010

Bad news can really knock the wind out of you.
Bad news can make you feel sick.
Bad news can ruin your whole day, sometimes longer.

What is bad news? News of death, poor health or scary maladies; news of financial, personal, or emotional loss; news of someone’s hostility for someone or something; news that someone broke up; news that someone is down on their luck; news that something is never going to be the way you knew it, ever again.

We find out news on the phone, the TV, the internet, email, mail, texting. magazines and the newspaper. That means that at any moment I could learn of bad news and be completely devastated. One must learn to roll with the punches. Today I heard some bad news and then had to get up an lecture about composing piano music, and analyzing three little pieces by Bartok, Schumann and Stravinsky. I did fine, it was a good lecture, but I had this taste, this ache in my body that hung on like a bad flu.

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