New Bourland projects for the upcoming year

April 30, 2010

An exciting year ahead for me.

I’ll be scoring a short film by Joseph Bauer, and following that a feature on the Young Brothers.

Graham Streeter (of “Cages” fame) has asked me to score his new film “Normal Folk” which deals with the subject of autism.

Pacific Serenades has commissioned me to compose a new work for Vladimir Chernov. I’ve decided to do a prequel set where I take the arias sung by Duarte (a character in my Angela Peralta opera) and make it a set of four songs/arias/number for Vladimir and piano quartet. I’m picking up work on that opera again, making the story even better than it was before.

Since the release of Rufus Wainwright’s new solo album, I’ve decided to postpone my book for another few years to include some of these songs, as well as some arias from his opera. I’d also prefer to make the book an eBook, as this format seems to be gaining in popularity, waiting a couple of years should prove to be a fruitful wait (sorry Rufus fans). After discussing the project with a book agent, I’ve decided to gear the book to fans of Rufus, instead of music scholars. Sadly, I don’t predict music theory teachers teaching Rufus anytime soon.

I am finishing my third year as Chair of the UCLA Department of Music and have been asked to continue, which I have agreed to do.

I see retirement in the not-too-distant future. Smelling better and better.

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