Doggy duties

May 12, 2010

For the past week, Daniel and I have been in dog purgatory. Both of our dogs have mast cell tumors near their Achilles tendon, both malignant. Both have now been operated on. Giacometti has almost fully recovered and ready to be a dog again. Cody’s wound is larger and more fragile. Our job for the past week has been to keep him from jumping up or down onto the bed or couch. The first three nights, we took turns sleeping on the floor with him, monitoring his every move. We are both a bit tired.

Today we will hear the results of the biopsy. We have already decided against radiation: he’s a dog, not our child. Chemo? Sure, for a while. It was sobering and useful to have these discussions.

Today, the electricians come, haircut, departmental self review, Cody’s bandage gets changed, and a lovely birthday dinner with friends. Busy time: looking forward to a slower pace.

June is right around the corner. Sigh…

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