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May 23, 2010

Glenn Watkins friended my on Facebook the other day. And I thought: hmm, who is Glenn Watkins? I looked him up to find he is the author of “The Gesualdo Hex” which I read about and bought right away. I’ve always been a Gesualdo fan, and my former student and friend Dante Silva (music) and Mitchell Morris (libretto) are, last I heard, doing an opera on Gesualdo. The book looks fascinating; looks like a perfect summer read.

I bought Michael Crichton’s “latest” posthumous pirate book over a year ago, and keep putting it down for some reason.

Ditto with Alex Ross’s fabulous “The Rest is Noise” which I seem to be saving for some special time.

Robin D.G Kelley’s “The Life and Times of the Original” about Thelonius Monk.

“Analyzing Popular Music” edited by Allan F. Moore — making me think that my Rufus Wainwright book may turn out to be an essay, rather than a book. I’m not sure the world cares about analytic essays about individual songs, when I could write an essay about the one thing I’ve discovered in his compositional technique.

“The Music Instinct” by Philip Ball

And on my Kindle applcation on my iPad, I’m reading “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely.

Summer is a time that teachers get to catch up on their reading. Sigh….

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