PBK like peanut butter

June 11, 2010

Yesterday I had the honor of being initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. I’m not sure what I did, but was happy to be among this august group. There were 256 graduating seniors who stepped up to the microphone, said their name and major, and what they will be doing next year. It was amazing: many were going to law school or med school, many had three minors in addition to their major. No musicians. Except for me. One other colleague was inducted; she gave a four minute talk. When my turn came, three and a half minutes of my music for CAGES was played. The crowd of a thousand was wonderfully quiet and receptive. I didn’t say anything. Just sat and listened while they listened and watched me listen.

Before and after they kept saying PBK this and PBK that. My brain kept going into autocorrect mode, hearing it as “peanut butter.”

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