Are Bloggers actually mind-nudists?

June 28, 2010

Many of my friends find the notion of sharing things on one’s mind with the world via a blog or Facebook/MySpace as an invasion of privacy. In that what is on one’s mind is often those same friends, they can be a part of that sharing, and unfortunately, sometimes against their will. So those of us who cannot resist and blog and post on Facebook or MySpace learn to control their urges to tell too much, even though we want to tell it all.

But if truth be told, bloggers like to expose themselves–not unlike nudists: and ok, bloggers don’t expose their private parts, but their private thoughts. True, false, enlightening, naughty as they may be, they are the raw, naked, throbbing thoughts of the blogger. And only that.

I share things I think about. I know my comments resonate with enough people to make it a worthwhile endeavor for me.

I think every artist should have their own blog/website to share the footnotes of their lives/work with the world.

I, for one, plan to blog for the rest of my life.

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