Relax, it’s just music

July 27, 2010

I’ve come to a point in my life where I have to see that all music, music making and the experience of listening to music, is all MUSIC. I’m tired of the notion that the only music worth studying is Classical music. Nonsense. Or that classical music is “better” than other music. I’m sorry, but music making belongs to everyone. The enjoyment of all musics belongs to everyone.

Music is like sex: there are lots of different ways that people experience sex and it’s all sex.
Music is like food: there are lots of different kinds of food, and everyone has their own preference, and it’s all food. There is nutritious food, and junk food, and, to the chagrin of many, it is all food.

Ditto with music. I’ve sat in bars where a lounge pianist is bringing the four people in the bar to tears with emotion. That is music making. I’ve watched mothers humming their children to sleep. That is music. I’ve heard the wall-of-sound metal bands playing ear-splitting music to a wild audience. That is music. The blind, homeless man playing his clarinet for hand-outs: that is music making.

People seem to have this compulsion to elevate the kind of music that they listen to as the best. Best for them; but it’s just music.

Hustler’s founder Larry Flynt penned the phrase: Relax, it’s just sex. Might I alter that to: Relax, it’s just music.

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