Remembering Hootenanny

August 13, 2010

In the early 1960s, pre-Beatles in America, we fell in love with a television show that showed on Saturday nights called HOOTENANNY. I’ve never forgotten the theme song: “It’s hootenanny, hootenanny, Saturday night…” and different groups would sing the theme each week. As I look at this promotion for a 3 DVD set of that series (that I just might have to purchase), so many memories of that time come back. I love the songs, the terrific harmony, and their gosh-darn wholesomeness.

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WIkipedia defines a hootenanny as:

Hootenanny is an Appalachian colloquialism that was used in early twentieth century America to refer to things whose names were forgotten or unknown. In this usage it was synonymous with thingamajig or whatchamacallit, as in “hand me that hootenanny.” Hootenanny was also an old country word for “party”. Now, most commonly, it refers to a folk-music party.

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