Slow summer and hobbies

August 24, 2010

McNay Family 027
For the first time in three years, things have slowed down, affording me time to catch up and do things I’ve put off for years. I’ve scanned old photos. I’ve digitized a box full of VHS tapes — good thing, the color was going. I’ve worked on my family tree. I’ve practiced the guitar and it seems all my technique has come back, despite some stiff tendons. I’ve watched movies.

I have not composed any music this summer. As I will be composing non-stop for the next three years, I have no problem letting my creative pool be still. The result of this temporary stillness is a welling up of musical horny-ness. I look forward to and dive into composing music, not unlike the way I look forward to making love. My heart beats a bit faster, my whole body is very sensitive, my eyes are probably slightly dilated, and become very focused. But today, and of late, the waters are still, and it’s a nice break.

I have blogged less, rather, sketching out topics to write about in future posts. I’m building up a momentum to jump back in. For now, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I’m blogging to you psychically.

In my family tree correspondences, I met woman named Valerie who shared some family history and photos. The seated gentleman in the photo above is Tilberry Miles Arnold, my great-great grandfather through my mother’s mother’s father. About Tilberry, she writes:

[…] Elias Arnold was a very poor hog farmer. I asked my grandmother about that and she said that was true and Tilberry grew up I guess thinking he wasn’t going to work that hard. Elizabeth Pock, his wife, made all the business decisions and she is the one that went to auction and bought and sold cattle. She is responsible for them Ibeing able to purchase that big beautiful home (still standing incidentally). The rocking chair he is in the those pictures, is where he sat from the time he was young till he grew old. She said he never worked a lick in his life.

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