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September 27, 2010

I researching my father’s mother’s family, the Yeltons, I stumbled upon an appraisal done after the death of my GGGG Grandfather James Gerald Yelton (1714 – 1784), by his son, James Jr. Such an interesting list! [My comments are in bracketed italics.] What would be on your list?

Jas. Yelton Jr. Appraiser
An inventory of the goods & chattles of Mr. James Yelton deceased taken by us the subscribers in current money of Virginia by virtue of an appointment from the worshipful the Court of Stafford, viz:

a parcel of old iron [say what?]
an iron pot
a [ditto]
a Jugg & 2 bottles
old earthenware & phials
a Bible & brass candlestick [the bible has been scanned and is viewable on Rootsweb]
4 pewter plates & 1 bason
a [?] of sheats 2 forks & old brush
a pr of spectacles (value if stated covered by inkblot)
iron clivis [sic] [what is a clivis??]
a small looking glass
a small meal sifter
an iron wedge
a parcel old books & old bridle [books and a bridle in the same sentence?? why might that be?]
two chests
one bedstead & 2 beds
three tubs & a basket
two hogs [big ones]
two hogs [little ones]
one chest
a feather bed & furn [I bet they didn’t know about dust mites]
a cow
an ewe & lamb [not “a” ewe mind you]
a parcel of pewter [what is a parcel? like the parcel of iron above?]
a spice mortar & sauce pan [they must have been good cooks]
a parcel of earthenware & glasses
an iron pot
3 water vessles & a meal tub
a box iron & frying pan
a sow[?]
an narrow ax [you mean, “a” narrow ax]
2 chairs and a stool
2 butter pots & 2 jugs

Amount total £25..5..4

We certify the above to be a proper inventory viz the day and date above mentioned Stafford Sct September Court 1784. The above inventory & appraisement of the estate of James Yelton Sr. decd being then returned by his admr James Yelton appointed at court 1783 the same was ordered to be recorded.

One thing missing from this list is a musical instrument. Was music a part of their lives?

(microfilm of Stafford Co, VA Deed Book S, p. 144, the inventory of James Yelton, Sr. as reported by his administrator, James Yelton Jr.)

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