Unusual first names for children

November 9, 2010

I have had a blast discovering the various names in my family tree, both first and last. Today I share a box full of fun first names that may be of use to future moms and dads who are looking for old fashioned American/English names from largely Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Although we don’t have kids, we have pets. We favor names that sound appropriate. I don’t want to be out scouring the neighborhood at 11 pm saying “Heeeere, Ebenezer, Ebenezer, Ebenezer.” Or “Parsifal! Heeeere Parsifal” We’ve chosen simple words that project: Cody, Jaco, Aiko…

In no particular order, here is a fun list of first names from my family tree:

Berthe, Katherin, Milly, Sarilda, Tabitha, Tyronne, Whaley, Lavisa, Hopestill, Mercy, Lida, Abigah, Articissa, Beulah, Bigy, Bessie, Cora Belle, Dessie, Emett, Josiah, Juriah, Lettice, Ligy, Lizzie, Lucile, Luella, Lula, Marion, Nimrod, Nora, Ollie, Rigy, Risk, Tilberry, Tilden, Waruigua, Wilbur, Zadah, Zadey, Lovetia, Amos, Caleb, Eli, Elisha, Enoch, Haile, Isaac, Luthania, Marmaduke, Noah, Phebe, Rowland, Rufus, Seth, Ambrose, Jesse, Mildred, Mahala, Senegonde, Drury, Emsley, Isham, Lemual, Lucetta, Lucinda, Malissa, Erasmus, Terressa, Willis, WInney, Clary, Hester, Abner, Joab, Levina, Ovid, Valeria, Ebenezer, Elmore, Ernest, Eva, Octavia, Presley, Tariton, Margery, Emma, Hollis, Rosetta, Leona, Wagoner, Noble, Abigail, Abiezer, Bernice, Eunice, Experience, Salmon, Barbary, Casper, Sophronia, Iris, Richilde, Milo, Richarda, Dorcus, Jezreel, Sith, Permelia, Zacheus, Enos, Maskell, Roscoe, Louden, Alonzo, Arvel, Daisie, Dessie, Elwood, Hallie, Irine, Lorence, Viola, Sukey, Emilie, Effie, Sardina, Tolbert, Garnett, Ransom, Dudley, Josiah, Matilda, Sobriety, Delilah, Doli, Elmar, Fielding, Henry, Narcissa, Silas, Odel, Orvel, Nina, Rosannah, Amandus, Winfred, Rhoda, Huldah, Margaretha, Tereza, Luthania, Willard, Pleasant, Ely, Permilla, Sibill, Rilla Lee, Valentine, Rynear, Lavon, Melona, Molly, Elsie, Hiram, Hugh, Janette, Lucretia, Cecily, Marshall, Victor, Jemima, Chestley, Honor, Clarecy, Emaline, Felter, Lear, Doda, Obadiah, Aiden, Evaline, Tryphena, Drusilla, Philadelphia, Fleming, Abijah, Uriah, Peregrine, Sylvanus, Varden, Welby, and Ardis.

If you end up naming one of your children or pets after one of these names, let me know!

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