Early photos of my Greatgrandfather and Grandfather Bourland

December 16, 2010

I found these photos in boxes and books sent me by my father and his sisters. Here are two stunning, if not haunting pictures of my Great Grandfather E. B. Bourland (top), and my Grandfather, Roger Bourland, Sr. (bottom photo) as children. (Although I cannot verify this is E.B., it was among the other photos of him and his wife, Marie.)

The texture in the tintype photo of EB Bourland is thrilling: the decay of the photo itself, the texture of the chair, the background swathe, the incredible detail of his hand holding that beautiful hat, his clothes, his “am-I-doing-it-right?” look in his eyes, and the inward pointing of his fingers.
E.B. Bourland boy

Maybe I’ve seen too many end-of-the-world movies lately, but this looks like baby Roger Sr. is toddling along, oblivious to the cloud of doom coming up behind him. I love his stance, his puckish grin, and the teddy bear leaning up against the wooden pole.
Jas R Bourland Jr

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