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January 13, 2011

Through Google’s “Feedburner” I gather information about my blog. I run a report from time to time that tells me the popularity of my posts. Here are the top 23 most popular posts on On the left is the name of the post; on the right are the number of views. One never knows what ends up being the most popular posts. I am not surprised that a post called FRIENDS might have such a large readership; and I’m thrilled that “Homer in Cyberspace” has a life in cyberspace; but Alan Rich in the number three slot?? I didn’t mean to honk his horn THAT loudly!

Friends 15242
Homer in Cyberspace: Penelope’s Story 9948
Alan Rich, music critic 8952
David Rose: The Stripper 8508
Bourland tapped for Palm Pre Ringtones 6951
Philip Koutev: Polegnala e Toudora 6981
A Tribute to Joni Mitchell 6911
Jean Sibelius: Symphony No.5 6888
Roger Bourland performances 5473
Bird sees Igor, Corb’s show 5464
Stripping away 5291
Notes from Franz 5284
Prof Bourland finishes 1st year as Chair 4808
Remembering Jack Nitzsche 4513
Adrienne Albert, composer 4486
Lorne Greene: Ringo (1964) 4430
Roger Bourland: Personae (1981) 4319
The three types of requiems 4105
Old floppies 4149
My composerly family tree 4065
Interview with Arnold Schoenberg 3795
Putting people together 3998
Updating opinions 3929

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