Learning the language

January 18, 2011

Tonight, Mitchell and I met with Vladimir Chernov to work on three of our arias that will be premiered in March in the Pacific Serenades concert series. Our vocal curriculum teaches our (English speaking) voice majors how to speak clearly in various languages: Italian, French, German, Russian… We are experiencing this process first-hand in that we are working with a Russian-born singer who is still learning English (he is fluent and tells me that he has sung in 14 languages), so we must go over the pronunciation of each word, and occasionally the meaning. A real education for us all. We are all enjoying the process tremendously. As Mitchell speaks Russian, he is able to help Vladimir with pronunciation by referring to their Russian equivalents.

We are starting with the most difficult number which is a patter song. LOTS of words, LOTS of notes, LOTS of fun.

And for ME to be singing along with this world-famous totally amazing opera star in private is ROCKING my world!

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