Finding a new city

January 26, 2011

Last weekend we were driven all around Silicon Valley by our new realtor who is educating us about the area. We will be moving there sometime in the next half year and need to know what the neighborhoods are like. We have to debate about exactly how much commute Daniel wants to have between our new home and Google.

It was fascinating going into the 30 homes that we saw. So many stories and lives. A woman whose husband has died, and her four boys have all gone away is selling her huge house; they’ve likely lived there for a very long time. We visited a house owned by “an old lady” who had lived there since the 1950s. Smelled like it. Here furniture was still there. A town house with peculiar art on the wall was on sale. It was a straight couple, but we saw a framed picture that looked like hubby had recently come out of the closet and a divorce was probably on the horizon. There was a house that had been “renovated” at Home Depot and probably by the owner, inspired by Design on a Dime. Yuk. No accounting for taste. There were many homes that had been lived in for a long time, now needing major renovation. Homes by the freeway; homes across from a high school; homes that used to be a duplex, and all kinds of houses that we just said “no” to. We both didn’t find ourselves attracted to “new construction”–soul-less housing that sprung up during the past 20 years.

It’s an exciting time. Lots of work on the horizon in coordinating the move.


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