Desplat’s score for “The Ghost Writer”

February 11, 2011

Although I kept wanting to turn the film off, I watched and enjoyed “The Ghost Writer.” There were no credits at the beginning and I didn’t peak at IMDB. The music was continuously engaging. Who could it be? Not Desplat? No dreamy waltzes. The music was constantly driving forward. My favorite music was the staccato clarinet writing, a bit reminiscent of Le Sacre, but also Klezmer and Greek folk music.

The ending credits were excellent and I had to listen to the whole thing. Sure enough: Alexander Desplat. Born in Berkeley, CA of a Greek father and French mother [or vice versa?]. It was the Greek clarinet that was so much fun. I love all of the fast music. There is always music happening; it transcends underscore.
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