Hilarious routines

February 19, 2011

We have two Italian Greyhounds (think: miniature greyhounds) that need exercise everyday: I throw the ball for 15 minutes, play tug, and ideally we hike in a nearby dog park (Runyan Canyon). Inevitably, if I/we watch TV, the dogs go to their toy box and pull out each toy, dropping them at our feet hoping we will continue a tug or fetch game. By the end of the show, we are surrounded by dog toys.

Another barnyard routine I have is giving our parrots their exercise. We clip their wings so their flying doesn’t exactly work so well; but on my fingers, they love it. So I put each African Grey parrot on each forefinger, and I go running through the house and they fly, holding on for dear life to my forefingers. Giaco (the bigger Italian Greyhound) joins in and chases me, barking. Then Cody come running out, chasing Giaco and me. It’s an hilarious routine with me bounding through the house in a crucifix pose with two birds on each hand with two dogs behind me barking.

Ah, life!

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