Christopher Nolan fan

May 8, 2011

This weekend I decided to have a Christopher Nolan film festival. The films he’s directed include:

The Dark Knight Rises (filming) 2012
Inception 2008
The Dark Knight 2006
The Prestige 2005
Batman Begins 2003
Insomnia 2000
Memento 1998
Following 1997
Doodlebug (short) (as Chris Nolan)

I watched five of them. I love his sense of plot, pacing, and drama. I have seen “The Dark Knight” eight times now. One of the sound design features in both Dark Knight and Inception is a kind of omnipresent heart beat; it may be a bass drum, or some other subsonic source, but it makes the films pulsate, throb, and filled with expectation. Hmm, maybe I’ll start adding that component to my own compositions.

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