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June 14, 2011

Whew! My academic year is just a few hours short of being done. Courses done, final grades will be in tomorrow, last faculty meeting done, graduation and PhD hooding ceremony has come and gone, wonderful farewell parties to Roger were wonderful, and my successor as Chair is up an running and ready to go. Yay!

I’m still exhausted with just coming down from the year. I am giving myself a little breather before I get to work on my sabbatical composing projects. Our house is sold, we are now renting it for a few months; we close escrow on our new house in Los Altos this week and rent it back to the current owner for a month, and then we move there at the end of July. What stress! Finishing my final term as Chair, selling our house and buying a new one in a bad market. We are so fortunate to have had such good fortune.

For some stupid reason, we lost our internet connection for the rest of our time in LA, so I have to hang out in internet cafes to get my email or do any serious web surfing. Kinda like fasting.

I post today, just to let my readers know that I’m back as a blogger and look forward to revisiting music and life from my perspective.

Sigh and whew!

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