Who’d a thunk?

June 27, 2011

I’ve been in two masses over the last week. No, I haven’t converted to Catholicism. Paul’s funeral (see previous post) and a baptism of Lucia Esther, the 6 month old baby of some close friends. The service was held in San Francisco. A whole bunch of us rented a bus to go to Old St Mary’s Cathedral in SF. What no one realized was that it was also the day of the Gay Pride Parade. So as we got into the heart of the city, the traffic slowed way down (we just made it to the service) and we were able to see LOTS of exotic outfits on people of all shapes and sizes going to the parade. The seniors and children on the bus were treated to a rare view: a guy with a loin cloth and a big parrot; a whole gaggle of full-figured men with not much on but G-strings; an array of guys dressed in wildly colored outfits looking like parrots going to a wedding, whose costumes undoubtedly celebrated the recent NY ruling to allow gay marriage, and more.

I got to meet Fr. Chuck (see our pic above) who performed the mass and baptized Lucia at a BBQ the night before. A Paulist, and someone I immediately took too. I was disappointed that he had moved away from SF and was only back to do the baptism. He was terrific. He sat next to me at the reception at the Huntington after the service and I confessed that he was my second favorite pastor (my father being the first).

Who’d a thunk?

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