Roger Bourland: Three Arias for viola and piano (1989/2006)

July 2, 2011

I wrote the first movement, “Cl’Airea” in honor of Paul Reale and Claire Rydell’s wedding. Claire plays cello and Paul plays piano. They did not perform it at their wedding, but it was later premiered by Ron Leonard and Ann Perry. The title is a fusion of their names.

The second movement is a memoir of a trip we took with some close friends (Mark Carlson and Charlie Swigart). An especially magical place was Shasta, where I had read all kinds of metaphysical stuff about creatures who lived in the lava tubes. Several years later, Charlie died of melanoma. I wrote the second movement in his memory.

The third movement is dedicated to John Hall with whom I first went to Paris. The piece was a kind of musical memoir.

The work was scheduled to be played a few years back, but the night before the performance, the cellist had a traumatic experience and had to pull out of the concert. I then called violist, Paul Coletti, who agreed to read it for the performance the next night. Here, Nijinsky performs it and he had a bit more time to learn the piece. I’ll say!

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1. Cl’Airea (for Paul Reale and Claire Rydell)
2. Mount Shasta (For Mark Carlson and Charlie Swigart)
3. In Paris (for John Hall)
© 1989/2006 Yelton Rhodes Music (BMI)

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