I am pretty. Of course you are, darling.

July 8, 2011

The story behind this one is:
Matias, Jenny, Daniel and Roger were exploring the Languedoc region and were staying a half an hour away from Uzes, the city French refer to as being in the middle of nowhere. So we were on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere.

We needed some eggs. It was Sunday late afternoon and everything was closed. But we found this place open, with eggs on the shelves. Yes, they don’t refrigerate them in the south of France (Uzes). My French served me well in the transaction until the end, when just before I walked out, I turned around to let him know my old nickname was “Bo.” But instead of saying “Je m’appelle Bo” I said “Je suis Bo” which sounded like I was saying ‘I am pretty.’ The man politely smiled as I left. I was fortunate that he wasn’t an ol’ queen who might have said “Of course your are, darling, of course you are!”

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