A new city for RB

July 31, 2011

My husband and I have moved to Los Altos, California. After months of paring down and packing, I spent seven days packing and preparing for the movers who came last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and will haul our stuff up to our new home this Friday. I was surprised that I am still so strong and can still carry heavy boxes and go up and down stairs with them. We were amazed when we finally emptied the entire house. On Friday, we caravanned up to our new city in seven hours: Daniel and his sister drove the packed Acura TL, and I drove the nice-handling and very butch 17 foot truck with his father.

We arrived safe-and-sound and are staying in a nearby pet-friendly hotel near our new home. While we were packing in LA, we stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel–also pet-friendly––for several nights. Just as we checked in we looked out the window from the seventh floor, down on Hollywood Boulevard and saw what appeared to be some kind of protest or riot. The crowd dynamics were odd. We found out later that indeed there was a ruckus that occurred, triggered by a notorious DJ who riled up a group of people in an unexpected way.

At any rate, our dogs LOVED the Hollywood hotel. Cody owned the place. Our two Italian grey nine-year old dogs make everyone smile, which is a nice thing. Our African grey parrots are overwhelmed but having a blast seeing all these new sights. I held them on my lap for the last 50 miles of our trip and the were amazed to see the world go by so quickly. When I returned them to the back seat, they protested, wanting to see what was going on.

We are having to wait a week before we can move into our new home, due to various repairs. I still can’t believe it is really happening. Once our stuff is hear I assume it will feel more like home. Right now, it’s all a kind of limbo. I’m enjoying it anyway. Once I get settled, I can return to a more prolific composing schedule and blogging efforts.

Change is traumatic, but ultimately, exhilarating.

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