My new favorite gin

September 2, 2011

Gin is still my favorite spirit. Dorothy Parker reportedly said

I like to have a martini
Two at the very most
After three I’m under the table
After four I’m under the host.

These days, one is sufficient and whereas I used to prefer my martinis violently shaken, I now have a mega ice cube in a glass and slowly stir it. Strong at first, light at the end.

Last month I asked my spirits advisor at K&L what new gin he had enjoyed recently. I told him that Hendricks had been my favorite to date.

“Oh, yes. That is a rather feminine gin.” I may have blushed but quickly replied that yes, I can be that way. “I recommend Number 3, it has a strong juniper presence and is very masculine.” Well, you can imagine that got my attention. And by golly, he was right. It’s a terrific gin.

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