The quandary for a blogger

September 22, 2011

Although I am ranked as the 27th top classical music blog by, and my posts are read all the time, my regular readers know that I’ve not been a faithful blogger of late. I won’t bore you with the details as you can read them below.

With the huge transition I’ve just made, I’ve not been ready to share my every thought with my readers. Some reflections just need to be private. I’ve also just begun a year’s sabbatical to compose an opera, and while I thought that that would give me more time to blog, it ain’t happening. I’ve thought about putting up a GONE FISHIN sign on my blog for the year, but I don’t want to bar myself from blogging for no good reason.

How do personal blogs compare to what I might post on my Google+ page as a public post? Would it receive wider readership or less? Now that everyone in the world is a microblogger on Facebook or G+, how does a blogger fit into all this? Blogging on Facebook seems like a bad idea if I’m interested in its being truly public. Self-publishing and G+ does.

One of the impulses of a blogger/writer is to share what they know and entertain with words. I have less of an impulse to share with you things that entertain me. It may be a reduction of testosterone, or aging, or just choosing to not feel compelled to go on about stuff, or perhaps I am taking a sabbatical from blogging as well as teaching. They are, after all, very similar activities.

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October 15, 2011 at 9:02 am

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