Goodbye, my old Dove

October 19, 2011

Today, I traded in my 1970 Gibson Dove guitar for a Taylor 12-string. I bought this guitar in high school from whatever part time jobs and band gigs I had. That is a LONG time ago, 1970. And yes, I feel a bit guilty saying farewell to my old friend.

Elvis had a Dove. Gram Parsons had a Dove. Gene Clark had a Dove, and they all got rid of them one way or another, so now it’s my turn.

I had a 12-string acoustic guitar in high school which I loved, and completely forgot that I spent years playing one. So rather than keep my old Dove in the closet for another 40 years, why not give her a new life and I get to explore a different sound. Here’s a picture from 1972 with my Dove in arm.

The Yahara River Valley Boys

The Yahara River Valley Boys

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