Our party

October 30, 2011

Yesterday we had a Halloween party. From 3-7 was for families with children, and after 7 was adults only. It was a gas having a backyard full of little kids, mostly under 4. I realized that parentsĀ  appreciate these kinds of gathering of the clan so that their children can meet each other and play. As a married couple with no kids, we can afford to be hosts for these kinds of parties. It was a joy to see the kids having such a great time.

For the after 7 portion people had the option of having a hootenany in my studio. I am teaching two of my friends to play the ukulele. I played my new 12-string, David played the 6-string, and my two new pupils played tenor and baritoneĀ  ukes. When it was all over, I was told we played for four hours. What fun. And my fingers are killing me.

Photo by Daniel Shiplacoff. Matias, Allen, Sean and Roger as men from Mad Men.

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