Loving change

November 24, 2011

Moving to a new city has helped me rekindle my love for change. It is the path of least resistance to stay in one place your whole life, if you can. But knocking yourself out of that comfort zone can be temporarily traumatic, but ultimately invigorating. I’ve had to find a new grocery store, a new doctor and dentist, and I still haven’t found a hair stylist. I have a new fitness coach who has me doing exercises and stretches I had never experienced. He has identified what muscles I have been ignoring and strengthening them. So,I’m in pain most of the time these days, but good pain.

One always wonders what one’s social life will be in their new environs. We stumbled into a wonderful little group of couples that gets together regularly for meals and nights out. Five of us now are regular ukulele players who play before dinner over cocktails. What a hoot.

Our parrots have a new larger cage, and our back yard is a veritable wild kingdom: we have a huge array of birds, but the regular visitors are three crows, a blue jay couple, two grey squirrels, a rabbit family, raccoons and gophers. The parrots get to watch their pals come and go, and they drop their discarded food through the bottom of the cage, sharing the wealth. The dogs are determined to catch one of the rabbits someday, but they are so fast I don’t see it happening. But we appreciate having the dogs protect us from those vicious creatures as well as squirrels, who dare to play in the trees.

I’m not certain whether change has changed me, but I have found it stimulating. Kinda like starting over again.

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