1971 all over

December 13, 2011

Alan Tower with didgeridoo
Alan and Neika stopped over for dinner and a visit yesterday. Alan Tower is one of my long-time friends who I have known since 1971. I may have been instrumental in lighting his enthusiasm for playing the guitar, or some teaching here and there, but that was a long time ago. He has now blossomed as a remarkable musician and is involved in some new very exciting projects.

Our evening ended with yours truly playing Beatles with Daniel, Alan and Neika singing along, first on guitar, then on piano, and closing with “Teach your children” in a pretty good three-part harmony. As I had put down my guitar for 30 years, it was fun having someone who knew me back when I played really well, hear me again. He sez I’m still doin’ the same stuff I did back then, and is amazed that I remember it (as am I). I am so fortunate to know a body of music that can be sung by a lot of people. An after-dinner musician at dinner parties in Silicon Valley could be an interesting future. In addition to a few other dreams.

Yeah, it was a hoot, teaching them their parts by ear, just like I did in high school. A marvelous flashback.

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