Distracted by my own song

February 13, 2012

While in Mazatlan, Mitchell and I composed a great song, “The Dove in the Tree” which we both think has huge potential. The problem with the song, and I guess, the strong part, is that it is so damn catchy. In Mexico, I composed the piano-vocal score. When I got home, I just couldn’t orchestrate it because the piece has such high earworm factor. So I decided to come back to it later.

Moving on to the next section of the opera, I hit a roadblock: I couldn’t get my tune out of my head. I just kept singing the song over and over. We were going to schedule it for a March 14 concert, but like Tchaikovsky and his unveiled celeste, or Verdi with his hit tunes, we will wait until the opera to premiere DOVE IN THE TREE. You just wait: YOU will be infected too.

Image: xyxjasilixyx

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