Making cuts

March 13, 2012

To once again quote Arnold Schoenberg: [he points to the eraser of a pencil] “THIS is the most important part of the pencil.”

One of the things I learned from scoring motion pictures is that very little is sacred if it gets in the way of the flow or the story. People who work in Hollywood get used to messages like: “We cut the five minute segment in reel 7, so we won’t be needing that music” — and you get over it.

Mitchell and I composed four arias for the character called “Duarte” a year and a half ago as sketches for our opera. We have just revisited three of those arias: the first we left intact; the second we gutted the entire middle “aside” where Duarte questions his motives; the third we are working on today, but it will likely be MUCH shorter. The music we cut isn’t gone, it will live on in DUARTE LOVE SONGS. As for our opera, that character is no longer called Duarte, rather, Julián — things change so quickly around here!

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