Time away

July 4, 2012

With an enormous deadline looming [finishing my opera this fall], I like to think that I would just as soon work all the time. Then I realized that I need to eat, so I will always take a 1 hour lunch, and usually don’t work at night if we have guests. My dogs ensure that I take a break away from the computer every 30-40 minutes. But sometimes things come up that take you away from your work: like this fabulous wedding I went to this weekend.

I wanted to just send Daniel and stay home and work, but I wanted to spend time with him, and after all it was in Napa Valley, so hey, go for it. I took along my sketchbook but didn’t crack it open the entire four days. We saw beautiful wineries and tasted some wonderful food and wine while there.

The wedding was largely a group of Israeli friends and family, seemingly from all over the world, all having a great time, looking happy and healthy. I loved the wedding ceremony and what they brought to their own Jewish tradition. The feast and dance seemed to happen simultaneously. The joy and participation by all in the hora was thrilling. The band had everyone out on the floor [concrete: oy] dancing for hours. I watched all the old guys singing along: 81 going on 15. Everyone was so happy. The food was family style––so much better than serving everyone a steak that few finish and many don’t even touch. There was no wedding cake, and I didn’t miss it. Refined flour and sugar are not my friends these days. And for the last two days, the love, the energy and spirit from that wedding is still spinning inside me. And helping create the finale of Act 1.

During the whole time I was horny to get back to work, but taking in the whole Napa/wedding weekend, not realizing that IT was recharging my batteries.

When we returned, my knee was extremely swollen from far too much dancing. I decided to take the night off and watch two of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. That experience also turned out to be fuel for my creative libido. So that when I finally got back to work, yesterday, POW! In one afternoon I wrote two minutes of music for full orchestra, chorus and soloists——a rare occasion. It just flew out of me, I was so horny to get back to work.

So rather than worrying about an occasional period away from work, I have to remind myself that all work makes Roger a dull boy. Time away is a good thing.

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