Bellini pays a visit

August 21, 2012

I normally start each day with a hot bath at 6:30 am with coffee and a tablet (Nexus 7 right now). Last week I was peacefully soaking and reading when I looked through the steamy glass that separated my bath tub from the toilet, and there was a man sitting there, not anyone I knew. He was naked, a funny shaped body with a 19th century hair style. My heart started pounding in fear, when I realized that I could see through him, I calmed down.

RB: Excuse me, I don’t take visitations in the bathtub: phone, fine, but no visitations. And who the hell are you anyway?
VB: LOL Vincenzo Bellini
RB: Wha? Dude, I’ve been studying your music lately, sorry I’m so slow in catching on…
VB: I know, I know, that’s why I’m here. Well, I’ve been “here” for a while. I’ve been sitting in the chair next to you from time to time.
RB: That is very odd you say that, as I was writing an aria the other day and looked at the texture thinking that it was very much old Italian style of some kind. I then looked at your NORMA and realized that it was very similar to the texture in many of your arias.
VB: [chuckling] We are fairly good at imparting our metabolism into you, what you call “channeling”—what Rosemary Brown made famous a hundred years ago—but not very good at telling you what NOTES to write. So, I’m glad to see you tuned into my channel.
RB: Cosmic, man. Listen, I’d love to chat, but I need to get out and get to work.
VB: Don’t let me stop you.
RB: Well, um, I need you to leave, or disappear or float away or whatever you do.
VB: Ah, cmon, let me take a look.
RB: Vincenzo!
VB: It’s been a long time.

[he vanishes]

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