Rosemary Brown passes torch to Bourland

July 27, 2013

rosemary-brown1Yesterday Rosemary Brown officially passed her torch to composer Roger Bourland––meaning, as she is no longer on the planet, she petitioned the Earth Oversight Committee to have Bourland succeed her in periodic channeling of dead composers. In an interview, Bourland was quick to point out that he would not channel the composers’ music as Brown had done, saying “I still have too much of my own music to write, and they have written enough––no one need augment their output while on the planet.” Bourland seemed less than gracious about his appointment stating “I have no idea how I became the belle du jour for these guys. They just started popping up in my studio saying weird things. So I shared it with my readers. I really didn’t have any intention of taking this on as a job.” Brown said that she was confident that Bourland was the right man for the job and that he would most likely continue his periodic channeling on his blog.

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