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WHERE is Roger?

March 2, 2013

Bellini: I don’t mean to panic, but WHERE is Roger? He is such a sweet boy and I so enjoyed his posts on his blog. Especially when he let’s us come back and say a few words. Berlioz: I always thought that I would know, if any dead composer would know, where Roger is but […]

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The quandary for a blogger

September 22, 2011

Although I am ranked as the 27th top classical music blog by, and my posts are read all the time, my regular readers know that I’ve not been a faithful blogger of late. I won’t bore you with the details as you can read them below. With the huge transition I’ve just made, I’ve […]

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Almost stable

August 22, 2011

As I promised you, my blogging has taken a back seat to the reality of moving from a large house in LA to a slightly smaller home in Los Altos. At long last, I feel almost stable. Moving to a new city is a traumatic experience. I haven’t called anyone or spoken with anyone except […]

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I just deleted 200 “friends” on my Facebook account. Yes, I felt a bit guilty, but these were largely past students: students who have never written me, emailed me called me or spoken to me since the class was over. Are those really “friends?” Well, they are in a sense, but do I really want […]

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May 28, 2011

This is a busy time of my life: my final month as Chair, my final month before sabbatical, two months until be move out of this house, it is the end of the term, I have term projects to grade, grades to calculate, personnel letters to finish, friends to see, zillions of things related to […]

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Through Google’s “Feedburner” I gather information about my blog. I run a report from time to time that tells me the popularity of my posts. Here are the top 23 most popular posts on On the left is the name of the post; on the right are the number of views. One never knows […]

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Blocked in China

November 16, 2010

Robert Winter returned from China this week and reported to me, besides a successful trip, that my blog is BLOCKED in China–along with Google and some other little websites like that. Mmmmm. Guess I’m DANGEROUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

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Roger Bourland news

November 5, 2010

Early on as a blogger, I established some policies about blogging that I have mostly stuck to and may explain why I have not blogged as regularly as I have in the past few years: Don’t relay confidential information; keep certain things private. Don’t insult people; do no harm. Don’t blog when it is forced. […]

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Slow summer and hobbies

August 24, 2010

For the first time in three years, things have slowed down, affording me time to catch up and do things I’ve put off for years. I’ve scanned old photos. I’ve digitized a box full of VHS tapes — good thing, the color was going. I’ve worked on my family tree. I’ve practiced the guitar and […]

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Many of my friends find the notion of sharing things on one’s mind with the world via a blog or Facebook/MySpace as an invasion of privacy. In that what is on one’s mind is often those same friends, they can be a part of that sharing, and unfortunately, sometimes against their will. So those of […]

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