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How fleeting, how empty

October 22, 2013

In a retirement phase one looks around at all the stuff accumulated over the years and asks What am I going to do with all this stuff? After years of asking just this question, I’ve come up with a partial answer: throw away, recycle or give away stuff you don’t need, and take care of […]

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In a band

October 9, 2013

What better way to launch my post UCLA reality than to play in a band, or at least part time. I was asked to sub for a couple of gigs for Megan Keely, a new talented singer songwriter from the Bay area, and I had a blast. I learned many of her songs very quickly, […]

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WHERE is Roger?

March 2, 2013

Bellini: I don’t mean to panic, but WHERE is Roger? He is such a sweet boy and I so enjoyed his posts on his blog. Especially when he let’s us come back and say a few words. Berlioz: I always thought that I would know, if any dead composer would know, where Roger is but […]

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Turning into a beatle

August 2, 2012

On a trip to Hawaii a few years back, Mitchell accused me of “becoming a beatle.” I was somewhat offended, but I think he was right. Over the past few years, I have embraced my long-ignored past of knowing thousands of folk and pop songs on the guitar—an instrument I had neglected for thirty years. […]

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I am a notorious space case when it comes to driving. It started when I was in my first car accident when I was 17. I was driving through the suburbs of Green Bay, singing my heart out when BAM, I was broadsided by a car and I spun onto a neighbor’s lawn: no injuries, […]

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Time away

July 4, 2012

With an enormous deadline looming [finishing my opera this fall], I like to think that I would just as soon work all the time. Then I realized that I need to eat, so I will always take a 1 hour lunch, and usually don’t work at night if we have guests. My dogs ensure that […]

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Diary entry June 2012

June 26, 2012

What a funny day! To wake up and read that CEO Larry Ellison is in the process of buying Lanai (an island in the Hawaiian Islands), and that Madonna has a DNA sweeper who follows her everywhere making sure that no future Madanna clones can be had. Wow. Brave new world indeed. Mitchell Morris [librettist] […]

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The joy of a new dog

March 9, 2012

After our 10 year old dog, Cody, died a month ago, we debated staying with only one for a while. Sadly, I am a very boring animal to live with as far as a dog goes, except when we play ball, tug, go for a walk, give food or affection. Paired species are much happier […]

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Farewell, Sweet Cody

February 12, 2012

Last night we took our dear dog, Cody, in to have put “to sleep.” I had never participated in this before. My father had relayed his experiences with putting his various dogs down, but the last, for him, was the most satisfying: “Oliver had been gasping and panting for weeks, and was constantly in some […]

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In sniffing around for information regarding one of my 2nd G-grandfathers, William Hurst (1827-1897) I stumbled upon this ancient news article about one William Hurst who was “on the road to Kentucky” but in Tennessee. We have quite a few Berry’s in my father’s family tree: Thomas Berry is my 6th G-grandfather but his death […]

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